Letter from Elizabeth Holt to Isaac Frye, October 7, 1776

The following transcription is of a letter written by Elizabeth Holt Frye to her husband, Major Isaac Frye of the New Hampshire Regiment of the Continental Army on
October 7, 1776

Wilton Oct yo 7, 1776

Loveing Husband after my Love to you I would Inform you that through the Goodness of God we are all well at this time. Blessed be God for it. I have received a Letter from you Dated Sept yo 18 Which gave me joy in hearing you was well. You also Signified your Desire that I should Purchase some Cyder. I fear I Shall not be Able to Purchase any - but I will Do the best I can. I also Rec'd a line by Lt Butterfield and was glad to hear from you. I have nothing Strong to Write to you at the Time, but having an Opportunity and not knowing whether I Should have another opportunity to write you or to Send you anything comfortable this Some time, I embrace this, and have sent you by the Bearer of this 2 # of Butter and Sister Whitney has sent brother 2# and the box is Brother Whitney's also. I have some Rasons and some Ginger and hope that if you want anything further that I can help you too that you will give me notice and it will be my Care to Send it to you. I have not payed the Person that bring this to you for Mr. Parker say if you would Assist what you Could to get a Discharge for Mr Josiah Parker he would not Take any thing for this Transportation it is his Father that sends for him and has hired Mr John Stevens to go. I have also read by Lt Butterfield a note you signd to him for the Sum of Ten Pounds Sterling Dated January 24 1775 which he Says [eligible] order to Deliver me I Shall keep it safe till further orders - I hope you will Suffer me to Remind you of my Uncomfortable Scituation whilst you are Absent not having your Company Assistance or Advice, and the Care Revoking on me to Provide for and Support the family is to me very Perplexing but I hope and Trust you will (if your life and mine's Spared and our health and Liberty Continued) See me before you Engage another Season - I have no Desire you Should [eligible] Your Duty but if you are not behind hand in the Cause of Liberty I Shall will for your Company, I have heard that you Expect a Discharge before the Term is up - but I Dare not flatter myself with Luck dear. but hope to See you by that time and till then Commit and Commend you to the Preserver of Man and Subscribe myself your Loveing wife
--Elizabeth Frye