The descendants of
John Ffrie (1601-1693)

I probably have more information on the Frye line of my family than any other. My grandmother, Jessie Isabelle Frye and her mother, Elizabeth Priscilla Osborne saved a lot of information that I have been fortunate enough to spend hours pouring through.
If you would like to share information on this family, just e-mail me.

John Ffrie was born in Basing, Hampshire County England about 1601. He was a wheelwright by trade, but beyond that, little is known of his time in England. He sailed aboard the ship 'Bevis' to Massachusetts in May, 1638, arriving first in Newbury, MA. He is listed in December of 1642 as being one of the first settlers of Newbury

Soon thereafter, he and his wife Anne and their three children became one of the first 10 families to settle in what is now Andover, MA. A 1692 Map of Andover shows Ffrie's home (now spelled Frye) in the village, across from the Meetinghouse.
John Ffrie married Anne Stratton in about 1630. She was roughly 19 at the time. He was nearly 30. Three of their children, John (1633), Benjamin (1635) and Elizabeth (1637) were all born in England.

The thought of travelling across the sea in 1638 to an unknown world with three children under the age of 5 is completely mind-boggling to me. The journey would have taken about two months crammed onto relatively small wooden sailing ships, without the benefits of engines, weather radar and any of the things we take for granted today. This was hardly a luxury cruise!!

But it must have offered some hope of escape from religious persecution and the wars that were heating up in England at the time. It must also have offered the promise of economic freedom. Parents, would you have wanted to see your 20-something year old daughter and three grandchildren make this journey, knowing that you might never hear from them again, and worrying that they might not even make the trip?

But they did make it. And by the early 1640's John, Anne and their children had settled in Andover. They would have three more children. Sarah (it may have been Susan), was born in 1641. Samuel was born in 1644 and finally James,
born January 5, 1652. I am the 7th great grandson of Samuel Frye.

John Ffrie lived a long life in Andover. He and nine others from Andover founded the North Parish Church in what is now North Andover. The church is still in existence.
In those days, the minister of a church was very often compensated through goods and services provided by citizens of the community. North Church parish minister Rev. Thomas Barnard was kept pretty good track of what he had received from his flock. As compensation for a journey to Salem, he noted that he had received from John Ffrie "a Bushel of corn a peice of pork and a Rosting pig and a Barrl of Cider..." (Taken from 'And Firm Thine Ancient Vow', Mofford, 1973)
John Ffrie was a wheelwright by trade and was also paid 5 pounds a head by the Colonial government for hunting wolves. He is also listed as a Selectman in Andover in 1670. His wife, Anne, Died on October 22, 1680, he went to live with his son, John, who was now a Deacon of the church.

John Ffrie died at age 92 in 1693. He is alleged to have been buried in the Old Burying Ground in Andover, but his stone is no longer there.

My direct line back to the original settler John Ffrie is as follows:

John Ffrie, 1601-1692

Samuel Frye, 1644-1725

John Frye, 1672-1737

Abiel Frye, 1703-1757

Isaac Frye, 1747/48-1791

Joshua Frye, 1779-1864

Harvey Farrington Frye, 1814-1896

Harvey Wellington Frye, 1858-1941

Jessie Isabella Frye, 1913-1994

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