This site is dedicated to the ancestors of my family.

Ever since my grandfather, Howard Francis Mason passed away in 1994, I have developed a fascination with family history. The steamer trunks of diaries, old photos, deeds and account books fueled a curiosity about my heritage. The story of my family contains many 'skeletons in the closet', tragedies of young children suffering and dying from diptheria, and a fascinating connection to the witch trials of Salem and Andover, MA. My ancestors were farmers and politicians, wheelwrights and soldiers, lumberman, liquor salesmen and wolf hunters. The women were stout, hardy, and strictly Puritan and they apparently did their best to provide their husbands with a new generation of workers for the family farms. The tale leads from southern England and Ireland, through Lower Canada, Andover, MA to Wilton, NH, Fryeburg, ME and Stellarton, Nova Scotia and countless other places. It is woven together here with respect, humility, and with any luck at all, a touch of humor.

My intention here is two-fold. First, to share with you some of the more notable points in my family's history and some of the people that I find most intriguing. Secondly, my hope is that you might have additional information on the families and people discussed here and that we can share information with each other.

The list below are the major surnames I am tracing. If the surname is a gold button, it is a link that will take you to the oldest generation of that line that I have. You can follow the line forward from there.
There are several other lines that we are researching as well. They are listed in plain text below. Eventually, they will become links as well. If you information on any of these surnames, I'd love to hear about it and will gladly share what I can with you.
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Farrington Semple Libby

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